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Vintage Inspired Art

Why I opened this shop:

I discovered, and fell in love with, junk journaling in 2017 and started sharing my artistic journey on my YouTube channel 49dragonflies in 2018 with the intention of inspiring others and sharing my passion for vintage inspired art.

Being spoiled with vintage ephemera, living in the heart of Europe and having the opportunity to visit flea markets, antique book shops and fabulous second-hand shops on a regular basis here in Vienna, Austria, I wanted to give fellow junk journalers around the world the possibility to work with similar items to what I'm using in my junk journals.
Also, I wanted to include scans of some of my original art work for those, who enjoy my style.

For more journaling inspiration check out my social media channels here: 

I hope you are enjoying your artistic journey as much as I am! :)                     
Hugs, Barbara
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