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Welcome to the 3rd year of DEPHEMEREMBER (can you pronounce it? 😃). The name is a combination of December and ephemera.


Dephemerember is a series creating fun ephemera in December using prompts, hosted together with my dear friend, Luise Heinzl.

Join us and get ready to unleash your inner artist!

Download Dephemerember 2023 Prompt List here:

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Dephemerember 2023 Freebies and Donations:

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Click on the image and select "dephemerember 2023" to see this year's freebies.

Dephemerember 2023 YouTube Playlist:

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Dephemerember 2023 Printable Kits:

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Terms Of Use For My Freebies & Digital Paper

The copyright of every digital that you can find in my shop or on my ko-fi site belongs to 49dragonflies.


With your purchase you receive a licence to use my digital images.


What is allowed?

You may print the items that you've purchased from 49dragonflies for your craft projects. You may sell the handmade items that you've created with these items.


What is NOT allowed?

It's NOT ALLOWED to sell the digital items from 49dragonflies as your own digital download! The items from this shop are only made for printing and physical, handmade craft projects.


It's NOT ALLOWED to modify or alter the digital files, which includes incorporating the images into other digital compositions,


It's NOT ALLOWED to use these items for print on demand services or mass production for sale. 

It's NOT ALLOWED to sell, give away, share or swap the printed files as they are!

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